A Rough Six Tracks

by Tommy Anderson

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I recorded this album after a two month hitch hiking journey. Thanks to Nathan Hall for recording this at his cabin in Redfox, Ky. Talk to me if you are interested in getting a physical copy of the CD with a one-of-a-kind hand drawn sleeve made from 100% recycled paper.

Track List:
1. New Mexico
2. Happiest Days
3. Measure of a Man
4. Badlands
5. Sunshine
6. Jesus


released November 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Tommy Anderson Shelby Gap, Kentucky

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Track Name: New Mexico
Up in the Mountains of New Mexico
higher than the hills back home
I never knew the weather was ever gonna be this cold
I walk the ridges on top of the world
see where the Rio Grande winds
I close my eyes and I dream with a crystal mind

And I don't know is a hard thing to say
and where is home but a place along the way
and what will easy the worry in my mind, but to be on the move,
Painting a line

Back in Kentucky, the Lonesome Pine hills,
loved ones with their hearts so filled
waiting on one who's seeing what the world would deal
Now I'm seeing signs but I cant pick which one
up here near to the Sun.
Is God a little closer here or should i just run?

Track Name: Happiest Days
My happiest days were the ones spent with you
and even through trials my heart beats like new
Oh let the hills rise as high as they want
we'll find the top and watch the sun drop.

My heart's wrapped up in a bow
pull the ribbon and see the jewelry shine
it's all that I could afford
but no one can take it away.

Everything I own, I owe it to you
our garden will blossom and I'll waste my hours
looking in your eyes knowing we'll grow old
'cause love don't know time, and my love is yours


At home in my heart, peace in my mind
Spring into Summer, Fall to Wintertime
and when I was heavy your arms had a place
Flower beds growing a delicate lace

Track Name: Measure of a Man
Give me all the beauty this land will allow
lay it on me heavy, lightning strike me down
man, I want to cross the ocean where there's more to see
I gotta get a whole lot of living done and I know it ain't only me

Travelers and vagabonds, bums accused of vagrancy
Dust your clothes and stamp your feet
better things will come to be
Sometimes the only measure of a man is whether he's got his teeth
But I'm here to make the claim, ain't none of us better than a thief.

Preachers and politicians, they come up with things to say
don't know where they get them from
same place they get their money I'd say
Eveybody ought to treat a stranger right
till their ain't one stranger left
Jesus was a stranger here and the police put him to his death

Track Name: Badlands
I dreamed of a home in the Badlands
in a gully where nobody stopped
a green tree was there to shade me
by a trickle of bourbon down rocks.
what blood has spilled on the rocks there
you can see how it stains just like wine
it was only a matter of sweet time
I'd have to leave old wounded knee

Get out and wonder when you feel the need
but see to it drifter you don't drift too deep
and if you stay put and feel fine in your home
don't drown the town with the way your heart floods
neighbors and strangers treat them just like you kin
and ask the rambler what he brought back with him

The roads and the temples I've abandoned
and my song is reaching for truth
but is what I see an illusion
heat devils dancing on sand
a voice call from the cliffs of limestone
trying to tell me just where I am


Now my dreams have come to consume me,
and I sleep just to visit with ghosts
that live in the towns of my memory
lovely to look at and lost
if not for the company of angels
I just might be like they are
walking that same number highway
and haunting the same quiet bar

Track Name: Sunshine
The other night dear as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
But when I woke, dear, I was mistaken
I hung my head and I cried

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are grey
You'll never know dear, how much I love you
please don't take my sunshine away

You told me once, dear, you truly loved me
and no one else, babe, could come between
but now you've left me to love another
you have bitter all of my sweet dreams

and in all of my dreams, dear, You seem to greet me
and when I wake, Love, My poor heart pains,
so when you come back and make me happy
I'll forgive you, I'll take all the blame

Track Name: Jesus
Long before I was born
who wore the thorns
died on a tree
next to a murderer and a thief
it's hard for me to believe
it was the son of god that died for me

He was a young man away from his home
he didn't go very far, no he didn't drive a car
It's a shame that I complain when I have no need
Jesus had it a whole lot harder than me

Since I been born it has been a hard hard haul
not easy to get a break long enough to make
up for the tears my mother cried and the dear ones resting high

These empty pockets and broken shoelaces
have only to do with the look on my faces
it's a shame that i complain when I have no need
Loved ones had it a whole lot harder than me
Jesus had it a whole lot harder than me.