Songs That Puke​!​!​!

by Tommy Anderson

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I recorded this album when I was just a little boy. Please be forgiving, it's mostly silly little songs with bad words in them.


released May 5, 2011



all rights reserved


Tommy Anderson Shelby Gap, Kentucky

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Track Name: A Baby Made Us Up
Today I went and bought a magazine
there were pictures of guitars
I was thinkin to myself
how much worth it had
Beyond the shelf I found it on
everywhere i look this is what I see.
on the tv, in the air, and on magazines
i thought I'd watch a cartoon show
So i turned it to 25
there were children
taking each others lives
there was so much blood
lots of verbal crud
people hacking at their selves
when I look around this is all I see
I went to a music show
there were guys outside
callin each other bro
i lit a cigarette
I watched a corvette pass
then a knife went in my belly
Now i see pornography
but i'm in heaven now
things are a little better
all the women they have to wear sweaters
when I look around that is what i see
when I look around this is all i see
God decided
that i needed
to go back to the earth
as a woman in a miniskirt
so i was born in LA
to some parents that were gay
I was adopted next to nice home
it was a mansion
built mostly of brick
my parents werre so sweet
all the guys they looked at me
they thought my body was incredible
they looked at me like I was edible
But i thought to myself and i remembered
my former life
and the pornography
when I look around this is all I see.
I had me a drink
at the kitchen sink
at a party after prom
the roofies hit me oh so strong
I laid on the floor
two guys
one that i recall
had a faux hawk
they took off my clothes
with a pocket cam
they recorded as they jammed
random things in me
I thought what a sin to see
in a world of pornography
when I look around this is all i see
when i finally woke up
i saw bruises in the mirror
on my face was written slut
so i found a gun and put it to my head
and said god save me,
I'm better of if im dead
So i wrote a ltter
with a blue crayon
and i painted a picture
for the boys to see
Track Name: Someday School
I was looking out of the window when
I opened up the scriptures to read
that one day I would be saved from all the sin that I live in today
and out of the sky
came a brilliant light
and my mother was there
and the light it frollicked on her hair
so nice so beautiful to die
and before me I did see
a thousand angels
their breath they breathed on me
and i thought to myself
life is pitiful
I might as well cut it off
I want to die
so i took out a gun
said this is the end
I pulled the trigger
and i started to die
but my dad came in and he stopped
saw the angel of death
saw jesus christ
saw my lord and savior
and he handed me a knife
and i looked him in the eye
and i started to say
that i thought i was gay
cause that guy that sat in front of me
he had the prettiest hair and the nicest eyes
I wondered why
Jesus was crucified.