Green Offerings

by Swift Ganja

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released August 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Tommy Anderson Shelby Gap, Kentucky

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Track Name: Angel Rings
Falling pollen from the angel wings
as they beat around the ring
stoic faces on their bowing heads
flaming swords that demons dread
holy covered by a light above
love delivered by the cooing dove
cold flood waters slipping through my toes
motioning a way back home
Track Name: Not Alone
miles of tracing for the pacing i've done
down the road, up the hill
breathin like a seaside breeze
butterfly laurel and the sunshine sneeze

i'm not alone,
gods got a head made up in my home
sleep when i close my eyes
feel like a champ in the cool sunrise
guided by love
gave my fear to a meditation
row through pain
till you find a stream in the maple lane
Track Name: The Bashful Slug
stand out in the silver
it is your light
dont let em kill you
stay alive

over the mountains
down to the oceans
out of the hollows
guided by potions
all seems the same
tormented wasted
much like the rain
down the drain

theres a war on
people getting shit on
old innuendo
stay home play nintendo

stand out in the silver
go for the gold
dont let em kill ya
save and load