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by Swift Ganja

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released May 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Tommy Anderson Shelby Gap, Kentucky

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Track Name: Grey Ghost
Over half is gone,
Low as i could erase ties.
Get full, mother insists it,
Beem a drunk from a past life.
No fair, over the hill,
Busted your caboose.
Darlin', that won't do
When you're needed here.

As a grey ghost,
Slips it's way up in your nose,
And it feels good,
Everybody said it woul,
We lay host,
to a sickness we both know,
And will be found,
Frozen in the middle of the woods.

Get drunk cause it fills the time,
And it makes her laugh,
Cant fish in the pond,
Cause it taste too blue.
I poured all of my booze out
Working on the hole
I filled up in the sky
Where i want to go when I die.

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Fur-Bitten Romance
Why wont you just stay with me?
I could be the man of your dreams.
But your fingers are twisted around my heart,
And you know i never will die.

I was cold,
Yiu were on fire
So how could we resist?
I was lying,
But you were ready to believe,
So i let my story weave.

My love waits a thousand years,
I see clouds part and you howl.
Tonight is the nite,
Unite you and I,
Feel the lycan curse my veins