Human Being in Love

by Tommy Anderson

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Recorded 12/14/2013


Whenever I look up at the starry skies
I can see the lives of all the dear ones that have died
and whenever I look into a sky of blue
I remember you like the sunlite looking through
Your eyes like the trees
oh, that had me
wherever they were I begged to be

But I learned
That it aint you, babe
that makes the sun burn
and makes the wind and the waves
dance the way they do

And when the burning trees bleed with their leaves
that beat against the eaves in the wind of what's to be
I'll see their blood dried on the hillside
and know a love have died and tears put out the fire
Your windows ill glow
But they aint seen snow
and people always go
doing things that they don't know a thing about

like being in love
and building a building
out of sticks, mud and broken bricks.


released December 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Tommy Anderson Shelby Gap, Kentucky

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